Guv Signs Chapter 78 Relief Bill!

By ANTHONY | July 3, 2020

Thanks for all of the work, all of the cards, all of the calls, all of the emails, all of the texts…! Click Here for more information from NJEA 

Join our VTEA Members Group on Facebook

By ANTHONY | December 4, 2019

The Voorhees Twp. Education Association will be using Facebook to help get the message out about Negotiations and other Association-related issues.  This is a private group open only to our members,  So, search “VTEA Members Group” on FB and request membership.  We hope to see you there!

Voorhees BOE Policies Regarding Electronic Devices and Social Media

By ANTHONY | December 12, 2018

District Policy 3322- STAFF MEMBER’S USE OF PERSONAL CELLULAR TELEPHONES/OTHER COMMUNICATION DEVICES Section: Teaching Staff Members  Date Created: September, 2007  Date Edited: October, 2015 The Board of Education recognizes a teaching staff member may need to electronically communicate on a non-school related, personal matter using a personal cellular telephone or other personal communication device during their […]

Attention VTEA Members!

As a result of the recent "Janus" Supreme Court decision, our members are being approached by right-wing groups dedicated to degrading our Union.  Their mandate is clear; convince union members that they can have the benefits of a union contract without having to pay dues.  It's obvious that this model is unsustainable.  If VTEA loses majority representative status, our contract can be nullified and the protections and benefits therein will be in extreme jeopardy!

Far be it from anyone one of us to dismiss that everyone could use more money in their paycheck. However, quitting the Association is not the way to go.  It is only through a strong united unionized workforce that we can continue to gain the benefits and contract language that we all rely upon.  I ask you to return the solicitations to the senders with a strong rebuke.  "Don't Mess With My Union!"

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