When taking an unpaid leave of absence beyond using sick time, your union membership is put on hold. By
purchasing a leave of absence membership, you maintain your active status in your union and maintain your
access to:
● NJEA Legal Services. An extensive legal services program is provided to all our members through
their NJEA and NEA membership. This program provides protections should our members on a
leave of absence experience issues with the structure of their leave, any payroll issues, returning to
the district, etc.
● NJEA Member Benefits. Our staff often provide assistance with our Member Benefit partners
(including Prudential Disability Insurance) should issues occur. If you have any of our insurance
products purchased at a discount because of your union membership, active membership is
necessary to keep your policies in good standing. Continue to access your members’ only discounts
while on your leave.
● Access to the members’ only parts of njea.org and our publications. Stay in the know when it
comes to what’s happening in education across our state and country.
● Invitations to events and workshops. Continue to connect with your colleagues while out on your
How much does it cost?
We offer the opportunity to maintain your union membership at a 50% reduction in dues for the months they
are out. For example, if a member was out from November through the end of April, he or she would only have
to pay three months of dues for a six month time period.
How do I sign up?
Reach out to Jessica Denney from our UniServ office at jdenney@njea.org or 856-782-1225. Gale will connect
with the NJEA Membership Department and get information to you so that you can send payment directly to
NJEA Headquarters in Trento